The Chicken Traxxs™ trolley system will save you time and money by facilitating such tasks as:

  • Dead bird removal
  • Hand feeding
  • Feed tray placement and removal

At Chicken Traxxs our mission is to make all poultry farmer’s everyday chores a lot easier. So we invented, developed, and installed Chicken Traxxs the poultry industry’s first multi-purpose trolley system.  When compared with other systems Chicken Traxxs provides the greatest value and convenience for your hard earned dollar. Our company is family owned and operated. The first Chicken Traxxs system was installed on our chicken farm in 2005. As a result, we were consistently faster in removing dead birds and were more efficient in maintaining(culling), because we did not have to hand carry heavy buckets. After experiencing the benefits and advantages of the system, we then installed the Chicken Traxxs in each of our other broiler houses.

Chicken Traxxs is designed for the poultry farmer who wants a product that is dependable, everlasting, and is simple to operate. We have designed this trolley system to help you, not to hinder you. You can install Chicken Traxxs and begin using before your flock comes in through catching day. Chicken Traxxs has been tested with weights up to 1000 pounds and moved by an eleven year old boy by using only his thumb throughout the house.

Wondering How It Works?

Chicken Traxxs is a multipurpose trolley system used in the removal of dead poultry in the barn among other time consuming tasks. It is a rail system installed on the outer perimeter of the barn including all four corners and out the front door, so it will not be in the way of other equipment. It has a specially designed cart that hangs from the rail system that holds up to seven five-gallon buckets. Since the cart is suspended you do not have to let migratory fences down or up to cover the entire house in one trip and takes away the risk of running over live birds with a wheelbarrow or cart. When used in conjunction with our ergonomically designed Chicken Pixxs (included in kit) you could never touch a dead bird again. This allows you to keep from handling the dead poultry over and over like other systems do. Which in turn saves you time, money, and backache.

All of the parts on Chicken Traxxs are long-lasting with only four moving parts on the entire trolley system. Also, keeping you the farmer in mind if ever a part does wear out, you can find it locally, not in another state.

As you can see Chicken Traxxs™ offers more advantages to the poultry grower than any other system on the market today. Built to last, Chicken Traxxs™ compared with other systems provides the greatest value and convenience for your dollar.

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